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Assertive Communication and the Confidence to Speak Out

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One of the four key principles of being Limitless for Life is Speaking Out. This is about openly expressing what you think and feel in an open and constructive way. By understanding the importance of assertive communication we can start to work more effectively with others. In addition our confidence and self belief builds.

Self talk

When exploring confidence and communication it is easy to find examples of when we might be worried about speaking out:

  • Have you ever wanted to express your opinion in a meeting but held back as it was dominated by aggressive communicators or cliques?
  • Do you find it easy to work with strong communicators whose behaviours make it seem like they are not open to other views?
  • Are you able to say “No” to someone who is heavily invested in hearing the answer yes?
  • Are you willing to feed back to colleagues on the impact of difficult behaviours?

In the training courses I deliver these types of issues come up on a regular basis. It’s not just about the workplace either. Sometimes we struggle to be heard in our home life, dealing with demanding family members and conflicting needs and priorities.

Why Speak Out?

Sometimes it might be easier just to accept the situation. You could decide not to push yourself forward and speak out about what you think and feel. But what about the impact on you as a person if you continue to do this? Do you want to develop a reputation as the quiet one, the person others go to because they won’t say no? Feeling unheard can also undermine your self belief and even lead to stress.

How can you Speak Out more?

  • Assertive communication is key. Have the courage to express your opinion and the consideration to listen to those of others
  • Feedback objectively to others when you see that things need to change. Make sure you focus on what will benefit the recipient rather than using it as an opportunity to vent !
  • Be authentic in the way you communicate. It is important to express your humanity and emotions in a constructive and genuine way

So take your first steps to being more Limitless today, find your voice and speak out! For more information click here to contact us.


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