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The Confidence to Step Up

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The second principle of being Limitless for Life is Stepping Up. How many of us have struggled to find the confidence to put yourself forward for all the opportunities that life presents you, in work or in life in general?

Gender, Age & Ambition

In an ILM study on gender and ambition published in 2011 it said “women managers are impeded in their careers by lower ambitions and expectations. Compared to their male counterparts, they tend to lack self-belief and confidence – which leads to a cautious approach to career opportunities – and follow a less straightforward career path. The higher expectations and increased confidence of male managers propel them into management roles on average three years earlier than women.” The impact of the lack of confidence is clear, and it doesn’t just affect career development.

When my youngest niece was 7 she was mad about tennis. I would take her to lessons at the weekend and we would play out in the garden whenever we could. Then something happened, she went from believing she was the next Andy Murray, to not enjoying lessons and eventually giving up.

Why? because her confidence had been eroded. The coach had started grouping the children in the class according to ability. In addition her brother and sister started to point out her mistakes rather than encouraging her, and she began to realise that she wasn’t actually that good.  You could argue that it was for the best, that she could focus on the things that she did well. Me, I loved the fact that she believed that if Judy Murray called, she could be the one stepping up to play in the Federation cup and I was sad to see that confidence and self belief undermined.

How you can step up

Lack of confidence and self belief can impede us taking advantage of many potential opportunities available to us in work and in life generally.

So how can Limitless for Life can help you Step Up?

Strive to be your best
Be aware of your strengths and also the areas that need work. Stretch and challenge those areas in particular.

Find your passion
If an opportunity motivates you, you will keep stepping up even through the most difficult times

Be your own personal cheerleader
Don’t focus on what you can’t do, be aware of all the things you can do and have achieved. Think big and bold and make sure you tell everyone about it!

With this understanding there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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