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Embracing and Managing Change

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Without Change where would we be, more importantly from an evolutionary perspective where wouldn’t we be? Embracing and managing change is such an important thing for being Limitless for Life, for two main reasons:

  • It enables us to change and grow with the world around is
  • It encourages us to initiate change for the benefit of the world and those in it

Some people find change uncomfortable, they are “risk averse” and like things to stay as they are. Age can play a part in how we cope with managing change. I know looking at my parents that they hit the point around 10 years ago when their world began to get smaller because a lot of the new changes occurring were digital. Whether it was mobile phones, cable tv, the internet etc., my parents didn’t embrace it, in fact my father still actively battles to find ways around it. That said we have silver surfers who cant wait for the latest phone or mac book and also people in their twenties who wish things wouldn’t change so quickly.

Change isn’t always for the better, it may lead to uncertainty or even disaster and how we view that possibility can heavily influence the outcome. The EU referendum is a classic example of this, campaigning on either side throughout tried to create doubt, worry, even Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). Now on the other side of the result many people from both sides of the argument are still playing the same game creating anxiety and conflict. If only they were Limitless for Life they would have the Confidence and Self Belief to roll their sleeves up, work together and saying ‘right let’s get the best from this situation’.

Embracing and managing change

So even if it doesn’t come naturally to us (I know personally I have a 5 minute anti change reaction to most things) what can we do to pick ourselves up and make the best of changing situations?

Be Proactive – focus your energies where you can make an impact rather than worrying about the things you can do little or nothing about. It will help you build your Confidence and Self Belief to feel that there is always something you can do.

Take Responsibility – for change to occur we need to take the initiative which in itself can feel scary as we are often worried about failing. It is important to believe that its human to make mistakes, that we are all human and as long as we take responsibility for when it works and more importantly when it doesn’t things will be ok.

Be Fearless – your comfort zone does you no favours. It keeps you safe yes, but it also stifles you and your growth. Step out of it on a regular basis and watch your abilities, confidence and self-belief grow exponentially.

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