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Setting successful new year resolutions – 5 questions to make them happen!

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Have you set a new years resolution this year? Did you set one last year that you didn’t achieve? What are the characteristics of successful new year resolutions and how can we be one of the 14% of the population that will look back the end of the year and have the sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving it?

Over 60% of the UK population set new year resolutions even though evidence shows that the success rate isn’t that high. Whilst I love the eternal optimism demonstrated by those who set them, wouldn’t it be great if 60% was also the percentage of people who had successful new year resolutions by the end of this coming year?

Ask yourself questions

I believe confidence and self belief have a significant part to play when setting and working towards resolutions and have created a set of questions to help shape your new year goal and its success.

1. Ask yourself why did you choose this goal? What is it about it that motivates and inspires you?
Your goal needs to be just that, something for you not for someone else or because you think you should do it. A want is stronger than a need, a should or a must. So ask yourself why do you want to achieve your resolution and listen carefully to your internal response?

2. On a scale of 1  – 10 how much do you believe you can and will achieve your goal?
If the answer isn’t 10 out or 10 start exploring what you need to think or do to make it to 10? Build that in as part of your plan.

3. Are you able to put in the time and effort to achieve this goal?
Goals very rarely sit in isolation. We aim to achieve them whilst continuing to balance everything else in our lives, does this goal “fit” with your other commitments and priorities? An early “ecology check” on our resolution ensures that we have the time, energy and focus to achieve it.

4. Are you fully committed to achieving this goal?
Sometimes part of us wants to achieve our new years resolution, but another part of us may not be so inclined/supportive. We can sometimes sabotage our own success, it is important to make sure every part of you is focusing on your success.

5. What do you need to do to achieve your resolution?
Once you have fully understood What you want to achieve and Why, then you bring in the How. Plan your steps along the way and the milestones where you can check in and assess your progress. Think about the resources you may need and the support you have around you. Finally set yourself a 90 day plan to get yourself started.

Happy New Year!

We all want to set successful new year resolutions. Imagine the glow of satisfaction you will feel when you have achieved them! So think about these questions and reflect on what you want and why. Who knows, this could be your most successful year yet!

For more information about how Alison Burgess and Limitless for Life can help you achieve your goals click here to contact us or follow me on Twitter.

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