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The Confidence Habit – 21 days to Build Your Confidence and Self Belief

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Not everyone feels 100% confident all the time. In fact I think that even those people around us who look confident are often “faking it” . Confidence is a state of certainty, a foundation from which we can reach for the stars if we want to, which is why Confidence is so important. The good news is that you can work to build your confidence in a variety of quick and simple ways.

The Confidence Habit

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, doing something consciously so many times that it becomes part of who you are and what you do. Repetition and focus are key,  so when thinking about building your confidence it is important to take a some time every day to work on it. So lets start by “rating” your confidence, out of 10 what would you give yourself? Perhaps it varies depending on the situation you are in, the people you are with? Make a written or mental note of how confident you feel today and then lets so how far you can go in 21 days.

Build Your Confidence – Week 1

So what can you do to build your confidence this week?

Day 1 – Today, be proud of yourself. Congratulations you are already starting to build your confidence by making the decision to read this blog.

Day 2 – Do things that make you smile. You will feel great and others will respond more positively to you.

Day 3 – Notice something great about someone you know and give them a compliment.

Day 4 – Face yourself ! Look at yourself in the mirror for one minute, smile and appreciate who your are as a person.

Day 5 – Listen to your self talk. Too often we criticise ourselves so today twist it around and think positive!

Day 6 – Get some exercise. You will love the endorphin boost and feel better about yourself and your body.

Day 7 – Listen more than you speak. Confident people are comfortable listening without judgement.

Just one step each day will help you build your confidence, more to come next week.
For daily tweets on building your confidence follow @Limitless4life. For more information about how Alison Burgess and Limitless for Life can help you click here.


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