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My Confidence Lessons – The 21 day Confidence Habit

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So how has 21 days of confidence building worked for you. What confidence habits have you integrated into your daily life? By taking it a day at a time I hope the little steps to the confidence habit became daily confidence lessons as you reflected on what went well and where you felt more challenged. It is the doing combined with the reflecting that helps us build new and more confident approaches to life.

In Week 1 we looked at how you support yourself and those around you to build confidence. Week 2 explored how to expand your comfort zone to create greater opportunities in your life. In Week 3 we explored how you could strengthen your self belief and set yourself on the path to achieving amazing things.

My confidence lessons

Each person’s experiences of the 21 day confidence habit will be different. When I run workshops I always ask participants to take away 3 things to work on. 3 always seems to be a good number to work on, pushing a little but not too far ! So I would like to share my 3 areas to work on with you:

The importance of compliments and feedback.

In week 1  on day 2 I set the challenge of giving someone a compliment. It was on the day I was delivering a training course on teamworking and we discussed how important positive feedback can be to build motivation and strengthen teams. I reminded myself how important it was to give positive feedback where I could. I also found myself paying more attention to the positive feedback and compliments coming in my direction. Ever time I did I felt my confidence and self belief strengthened and I hope I contributed to building the confidence of those I complimented too. This is definitely something I will continue to do.

My comfort zone is a very funny shape. 

The two things people most fear in life are often quoted as being public speaking and talking to strangers. In week 2 I noticed that whilst things like that come easily to me (with just the right amount of nerves to show I care) there were clearly areas in my life where I felt less confident.  I don’t feel comfortable asking for help and I will sometimes hold my tongue even though I have an opinion. Everyone’s comfort zone is different, it is important to know what shapes it and what to work on.

The value of positive thinking.

In week 3 I talked about the importance of self belief and the impact it can have on your day to day life. Throughout the 21 days I have been really conscious of my self talk and ways of thinking, taking an optimistic approach to everything I did. The impact has been amazing! I went into every situation with a Limitless attitude, open to opportunity and success. Normally challenging meetings ran smoothly, my training courses flowed even better than before and by saying Yes to things I would have turned down in the past I have met interesting people and learned new things. January has been my best month in a long time and I am excited to see what February brings!

So my confidence lessons don’t end here. Conscious confidence building will continue as part of who I am and what I do because I have experienced the benefit of it every day. I hope I have inspired you to do the same, to quote a well known shampoo advert you really are worth it !

For more information about how Alison Burgess and Limitless for Life can help you build your Confidence contact is on 07931 556 167 of click here.


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