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CPD – Why it is important to invest in yourself

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My favourite habit of Stephen Coveys 7 habits of highly effective people is number 7, Sharpen the Saw. As a trainer and coach obviously it speaks directly to what I believe in, that CPD (continuous professional development) is something we need to build in our lives on an ongoing basis. On a personal note it enables me to breathe a sigh of relief at times, because what is says to me is that I don’t have to be perfect yet ! Its ok to still have areas where you can improve. My mantra is (to take a line from my hypnotherapy teacher) be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.

I like the idea of being a work in progress. It allows me to do two things, to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made and also to commit to helping myself not make the same mistake again. For me it is also inspiring that rather than thinking that at a certain age options may begin to reduce, instead, as I become a better version of myself each day. With this way of looking the opportunities in my life will only increase.

Developing yourself

The Johari window model is a wonderful example of how we can invest in ourselves through CPD. Through feedback from others and personal reflection we can build a stronger understanding of our capabilities as well as identify new areas to work on and new ways of doing things. Doing this can have a tremendous impact on how we view ourselves, building up our self belief and confidence daily.

Covey’s habit takes it to another level though. He talks about developing our selves, physically, socially/emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Such a forward way of looking at CPD. For example one of his recommendations was meditation. Long before science and technology could demonstrate that activities such as meditation could have a lasting impact on both our mental faculties and our emotional control Covey was recommending taking time each day to invest in ourselves and our own wellbeing. As Covey says CPD “is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in life”

So take time to stop and think each day “how can I invest in myself?”. Recognize what you are capable of and what you have achieved. Think about what you want to do and the skills you need to get there. Integrate your personal development continuously in your life, it is a valuable investment. As the shampoo advert used to say ‘you are worth it’, have the confidence and belief to know that it is true!

Alison Burgess is a Confidence Builder, Trainer and Coach. For more information about building confidence go to the Limitless for Life website, contact Alison on 07931 556 167 or click here to follow on twitter.

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