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Be on a Quiz Show – Lessons for Life!

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Have you ever wanted to be on a quiz show? I have always loved quizzing, from endless games of trivial pursuit at home to nights in my local pub arguing over how many countries border Brazil (10 if you are interested). I love the idea of learning and sharing knowledge. So as part of my Fabulous at 50 list of things to do and see I applied to go on the best quiz show I know – The Chase.

You don’t need me to tell you what happened. As of 5pm on April 19th 2017 my show is out there for anyone to watch. It was nerve wracking, fun, stretched my comfort zone and the good news is (spoiler alert) I won ! But what did I take away from it other than the prize ? Most of that was spent on the business, although I did achieve another Fabulous at 50 goal and have my picture taken with Captain Kirk!. I learned a lot about myself that day and these lessons I can apply not just to being on a quiz show, but to life as a whole!

Lessons from the Chase

Preparation: is important we know that. I did try and learn the US Presidents and all the countries in Eastern Europe ending in ‘stan’. But more importantly I have learned how key it is to build up your confidence to tackle the things you aren’t prepared. I couldn’t predict how the day was going to go. I could however have reminded myself more often about all the challenges I have faced before and how I got through with flying colours (most of the time!). So Lesson 1 is: Build your confidence in your abilities, then you can “boldly go” no matter what happens!

Be kind to yourself:  Beware of the Ego! There were moments when I was more concerned with how I would come across to complete strangers (potential viewers) than how I was treating myself at that time. Sometimes my ego was being unnecessarily critical and I applied the pressure on myself from the start! Lesson 2: Be gentle and understanding with yourself, give yourself a break if you get things wrong and believe that the next thing you do will be better.

Breath and Focus: When you are challenged and under stress, stay in the now, it is a calm, constructive and safe place to be. Recognise your emotions both positive and negative. Then start directing them to look at the situation constructively and objectively before it gets a strangle hold. Lesson 3: Focus on the moment and keep breathing !

Don’t give up: Sometimes you don’t get it right. Self doubt may well kick in so silence it by focusing on what you can do next, allowing time for reflection and learning and a later and more appropriate time. Lesson 4: There is a time to reflect and a time to just be.

Have some tricks up your sleeve: Its always good to have some tools in your tool belt e.g. anchors can be so helpful to take you from a negative emotional state to a positive one in an instant. Sometimes when Confidence and Self Belief are a bit late to arrive you need a little help to keep you on your path! So my final Lesson is: Keep adding to your tools and skills, you never know when you might need them.

So if you want to be on a quiz show, I would say go for it! Its a wonderful, nerve wracking experience full of downs and ups, and its amazing what you learn about yourself.

For more information about Confidence Building and Resilience see my website, contact me (Alison Burgess) on 07931 556 167 or follow me twitter @limitless4life.

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