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Finding Your Perspective – Building Your Resilience

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Does anyone remember the Guardian’s skinhead advert from the 1980’s. It was all about how looking at things from different angles created different views and stories. It has stuck with me all this year because it was the first thing I had ever seen that succinctly demonstrated that not only was there more than one way of looking at things, but also how important it was to know this and explore perspectives other than your own.

Perspective is a very important thing to understand when you are building your resilience because it makes you stop for a second and think, am I looking at this in a helpful way? We know that everyone has slightly different views of the world, shaped by the culture, upbringing, experiences etc. Each view is valid, but sometimes not as helpful as we would like. When you are building your resilience you take time to check in on how you see the world, getting the best and most rounded perspective you can before proceeding.

Finding Perspective

So next time you are faced with a challenging situation take a moment to find your perspective, ask yourself:

How do I see things?

If this is my perspective how would other people view this?

Have I just made a mountain out of a molehill or is this really important in my life?

What is the reality/truth of the situation?

4 powerful questions that will open up a world of possibilities for how you can proceed and help you build a resilient approach to life.

Power Up

Limitless for Life uses the Power Up model for building your resilience. We give you the tools and tricks to successfully focus on the 7 key elements of resilience building :


For more information about building resilience go to the Limitless for Life website, contact Alison Burgess on 07931 556 167 or click here to follow on twitter.



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