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How to be optimistic (even when your car won’t start)

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When people ask me how to be optimistic I always start by asking them “how was your journey to work this morning?” How we start our day and the impact it can have is a powerful demonstration of how an optimistic approach can make your more resilient.

So last week I had an early start to get to a training venue 80 miles away. Everything was packed in the car so all I had to do was get in shower, dress and set off. All the car had to do was start, it wouldnt ……..


What happened next?

What happened

The Pessimist

How To Be Optimistic

The car wouldn’t start
Well that’s just typical,if I call the AA they are bound to be ages. Its going to be one of those days. Something is clearly wrong but now is not the time to call the AA. How else can I get there?
Finding an alternative way to work
What a pain, I will have to take the train. I have material to carry and the venue is nowhere near the station. Is it even worth me trying? Lets box up the material so it is easier to carry. The closest station is 5 miles from the venue, I had better get some money at the station for a taxi.
On the train
This is why I drive to venues, I am squashed and the person next to me is talking too loudly on the phone. And I have to come back like this too! Ok, headphones on, calming music and what I can do with this time is look at the workshop material one more time.
Arriving late
If I ring the client they will be angry at me. I will only be a few minutes late, it probably doesn’t matter. What a good job I rang the client saying I would be late, they let the participants know and they had a taxi waiting for me at the station
The rest of the day
I feel like I have been on the back foot all day. I think the participants were deliberately tricky because I was late. And the journey home is bound to be even worse. Perhaps I should only work locally? After a rocky start the day went really well. One of the participants suggested a better route home and I heard on the road that the M6 was very congested so I probably got home quicker that I would have in the car.


Optimism isn’t about having a rose tinted glasses approach to life. Optimists are confident and hopeful and take control of the challenges life sometimes throws in our direction. So if you want to start every day in a fresh, positive way why not learn how to be more optimistic?


Power Up

Limitless for Life uses the Power Up model for building your resilience. We give you the tools and tricks to successfully focus on the 7 key elements of resilience building :


For more information about building resilience go to the Limitless for Life website, contact Alison Burgess on 07931 556 167 or click here to follow on twitter.



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