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Volunteering – You Get More Than You Give

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This week is national volunteering week. I have been a volunteer in different forms for more than 10 years. People I meet are surprised I have the time, or marvel at my “selflessness”. For me though the benefits of volunteering are worth so much to me that I often feel it is the opposite. Making time to volunteer is an honour, a joy and a little bit selfish !

I am currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Cancer Support Centre, Sutton Coldfield. This organisation finds ways to raise more than £150,000 to provide a place of sanctuary and support for more than 400 people affected by cancer each year. How do we do this? through our amazing volunteers. We have less than 2 paid staff, but over 60 volunteers who do everything from fundraising to client support. We have people who have been with the Centre for more than 15 years, welcoming and supporting people who are on a challenging journey. Other newer volunteers bring with them new a vital skills such as website support and finance database skills. Also lets not forget the volunteers who raise money for us, organizing events, running marathons etc. and organisations that volunteer their time and resources to help keep us going.

Be A Volunteer

Why do people volunteer? In the Centre’s case, many have been touched by Cancer and want to give something back. Others though are looking to keep active after retirement or simply enjoy the positive and vibrant atmosphere at the Centre. Why do I do it? It grounds me, helps to put things in perspective and also challenges me to develop my skills as Chair. Even after a long week at work, helping at the Centre restores and revives my spirits, really proving that a change is a good as a rest.

An organisation can never have enough volunteers, we have people who come weekly and others who help out once or twice a year. What ever time and experience you can offer will be appreciated and you will get so much in return. So go on, give volunteering a go, you won’t regret it!

For more information about the Cancer Support Centre, Sutton Coldfield click here. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the centre or Alison Burgess.

For more information about Alison Burgess and Limitless for Life click here or contact Alison on 07931 556 167.


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