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How to be Happy and Why it Matters

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Depending on your age, there will always be a ‘Happy’ song for your generation. From the Sound of Musics “My favourite things” to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, popular culture music is always reminding us to “Don’t worry, be happy” (thanks Bobby McFerrin). But what does ‘happy’ mean and how to be happy in a sometimes challenging world?

How to be happy

The OED defines happy as a showing or feeling pleasure or contentment.The Greek philosophers talked about 2 types of happiness in our lives. Hedonism is where the goal is experience pleasure and avoid pain. Eudaimonism focuses on finding meaning and self realisation in our lives.

If you are wondering how to be happy and why it is important think about this. Studies have show that happier people have stronger immune systems and healthier hearts. Happy people tend to be less stressed (even when under pressure) and there is evidence that they live longer too.

So in the immortal words of Ian Drury, you need to find some reasons to be cheerful. This is where the subjectivity comes in because I cant tell you what will make you happy. We are each as unique as the things that will bring is joy, from kittens noses to climbing a mountain and everything that is in between.

So stop for a moment today and ask yourself, what will make me really happy? Where will I find lasting joy in my life? And dont forget the flip side. If you want to be happy, do you bit to make other people happy too.

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