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Working in teams – are two heads better than one?

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Are two heads better than one? I am a solo practitioner who works with others (individuals and teams) on a regular basis. Whilst sometimes its great to work independently I would say yes two heads are better than one. Its great to have PARTNERS!


There is more than one way of looking at any situation. Working together helps us see that and develop greater empathy.


Even the most capable person can benefit from the skills of others. Find synergy with those you work with to get the best out of everyone.


Working together helps you reflect on your own performance and that of those around you


Have you ever been in a team that was so in sync you didn’t need words to get things done?


Working with others extends your network, connecting you to new people, organisations and ideas.


We all struggle at times, but how great it is when someone gives you a boost and helps you move forward.


Sometimes its good to take a risk, to challenge the status quo and try new approaches. Working in partnership makes it more likely that the risk will be considered and mitigated.


Working in partnership means you are not only more likely to succeed, you are also more likely to enjoy the journey.


Alison Burgess is a Resilience Expert and Confidence Coach. For more information about Alison, or her company Limitless for Life click here, follow on twitter or call 0121 369 1964.

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