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The Confidence to Help Others

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At a women’s networking event a few months ago we were having a round table discussion about what prevents women from getting to the highest levels within organisations? A young woman spoke up and said that she felt the other women in her department saw her as competition and seemed to be deliberately blocking her and withholding much needed guidance and support. Around the table people started nodding, murmurs of agreement and other stories that followed reinforced the view that this was a common occurrence. Listening to this I was shocked. Why would other women not want to help each other. Perhaps it takes a confident person to stand up and help others too.

We know that positive female role models are essential in organisations (and life). They show others the opportunities that are out there and how to make the most of them. Women will compete against each other, as they will compete against other men. So how can we ensure that we view this as healthy and positive competition rather than something to be afraid of?

Confidence and Self Belief can play such a key role in this. Confidence in yourself and your abilities. Belief that opportunities are there for everyone if they want to put in the time and effort to go for them. Its about having an abundant mentality. Look at what you already have and could have rather than focusing on what might be missing or scarce. An abundant mentality opens up possibilities in your life and helps to create Confidence and Self Belief.

Helping Yourself and Others

So live each day with that feeling of abundance around you.

  • Focus on the possibilities in the world. Believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.
  • Appreciate what you already have and already do.
  • Believe that in the words of Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a Winner” rather than worrying that if someone wins then someone else has to lose.

and most importantly

  • See where you can help others too. I promise you helping others enriches your life in the most unexpected and rewarding ways!

Alison Burgess is a Resilience Builder and Confidence Coach. For more information see , follow on twitter or contact Alison Burgess on 07931 556 167.

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