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Woman of a Certain Age – I have never been more uncertain in my life!

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I have noticed over the last 12 months or so that I have joined a new club. Its called the “women of a certain age” club. I dont know how I joined it, have no idea what the criteria was to join and to be honest I have no idea what age “a certain age” is !!

The irony of this of course is that fact that I am less certain now than I think I have ever been. When I was a teen I was certain that wearing blue and brown eye shadow was cool despite what my mother said. In my 20s I walked and talked with the swagger of someone who lived in London, the hub of the universe. Someone who held all the possibilities of the world in their hand. In my 30s though I started to see the world as it really was. It was full of responsibilities and vulnerabilities and for a while I found that made me very uncertain !

Then in my 40s I started working on my confidence, appreciating myself for who I was with all my strengths and faults. I realised I wasn’t certain about a lot of life, and that this was actually a very good thing. I discovered that you can’t control the future, you cant always protect yourself or others and that its the uncertainty is part of life.

But I also learned that I could cope with whatever came my way I could celebrate and appreciate the good, and I would find a way through the tough no matter what it was.

So perhaps I really am a woman of a certain age now ……. certain and confident that I can and will make the best of life whatever happens.

Alison Burgess is a Resilience Expert and Confidence Coach. For more information about Alison, or her company Limitless for Life click here, follow on twitter or call 0121 369 1964.

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