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A VIP in my life gets her ‘A’ level results this week. She has spent years learning something new every day and has astounded me at how hard she has worked in recent months to reach her goal of studying Economics at university. When she goes there she will start another learning curve for so many new elements of her life.

I got me thinking, how often do we learn something new, starting as a complete beginner, exposing yourself to that awful feeling of conscious incompetence? I spend a lot of time working to add to my knowledge base around the topics of resilience and confidence building but I realized recently that its been a while since I stretched my comfort zone starting something completely new to me.

So I decided to learn a new skill, yoga. I will be honest and say I didn’t think there would be too much to learn, just how to bend and stand on one leg, but I realized quite quickly that I was a complete beginner and it would be a long time before I even vaguely felt a sense of mastery. Its about breathing, relaxing and gently pushing your body to its limits. It takes focus, practice and patience. Not only am I learning a new skill, I am learning more about myself too. In doing so I am building confidence in myself and my ability to take on new challenges.

I have got a long way to go, but I am exited to see where I end up. Why not try learning something new for yourself and see what additional dimensions it brings to you life. Happy Learning !

Alison Burgess is a Resilience Expert and Confidence Coach. For more information about Alison, or her company Limitless for Life click here, follow on twitter or call 0121 369 1964.




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