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Confidence and Age part 2 – Creating Confidence

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In my last blog I explored the idea that at different times in our lives, our levels of confidence can vary. Creating confidence is all about harnessing the best parts of you, so that no matter what age you are you are able to convey a confident and limitless approach.

Creating Confidence

You can build confidence in mind and in body. It starts with some reflection. Ask yourself when you are/have been most confident? If you are struggling to think of times when you have been confident, having a role model is a really great focus instead.

How do/did you look? What was your body language like, does a particular colour or outfit make you feel more confident? Studies have shown that creating a strong and positive impression on the outside, including the recent trend of “power posing”, can create physiological changes internally. These changes reduce your stress levels and increase your feeling of confidence.

How do/did you feel? Where is your confidence in your body, how does it feel? Is it a tiny nugget of confidence or an extensive overall feeling? When you are creating confidence you can grow that feeling with your mind.

How do/did you act when you are confident? We know that there are 3 key elements to the impression you create, your body language, tone of voice and the words you use. What do you do and say when you are at your most confident.

Creating and building confidence takes time, but it is all within your control. No matter when you felt most confident in the past, you can recapture that feeling and way of being for a more confident future at any age.

For more information about how Limitless for Life can help you build confidence and self belief go to the website or call Alison Burgess on 07931 556 167 or follow on twitter @limitless4life.


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