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Confident Communication – lessons from the Wizard of Oz

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When it comes to talking about confident communication my favorite behavioural model is one which talks about balancing two things. Consideration for the wants and needs of others and the Courage to express your own wants and needs. Courage seems to be a very apt word when it comes to confident communication, as at times it may seem to be lacking in people when dealing with challenging situations. I say ‘seem to be’ because for many people they believe so strongly that they lack courage that it can have an impact on the way they communicate. However are they really lacking courage, or do they just believe they are?.

I remember watching The Wizard of Oz with fascination as a child. It was fun, glittery and underneath it all there was a message. The cowardly lion felt he lacked courage. He travelled with Dorothy and companions to the emerald city, hoping that the wizard would gift him the ability to be brave. Only when he got there he found his courage was with him all the time, it just took some feedback and reflection for him to see it. The lion wasn’t the only one of his companions to discover something about themselves on that journey, but they did need some help to see what they were capable of. In life this can be a challenge too, so what can you do to find out more about your inner skills and abilities.

There are two types of perspective that will help us to develop and grow. If we want to find out how much courage we already have we need to Reflect and seek Feedback.

Confident Communication – Reflection

So if you are looking to develop more confident communication approaches, it might help firstly to stop and think about you and your courage. Take time to think:

♦ What have you done that demonstrates you having courage in the past

♦ What have you done in the past that could have been more courageous. On reflection what would you do differently next time?

♦ What do you still need to add to your tool belt that would help you demonstrate courage when you communicate?

Confident Communication – Feedback

To see all we are capable of, take time to ask the same questions of those around you too. A different perspective can sometimes be eye opening, showing you amazing things you had never seen in yourself.


Its the balance of consideration and courage that helps us communicate confidently and the balance of feedback and reflection that will help you discover just how confident you can and will be.

Alison Burgess is a Confidence Builder, Trainer and Coach. For more information about building confidence go to the Limitless for Life website, contact Alison on 07931 556 167 or click here to follow on twitter.

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