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Are You Limitless …… For Life?

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I heard Jimmy Carr on the radio this morning describing a feeling at his age of being in the ‘half time’ of life and how he wanted to make the most of what is going to happen next. Well I am a woman of ‘a certain age’ (57) and I out of curiosity I googled how long someone with my age, background and health was likely to live. It turns out I have a 75% chance of another 32 years on this planet. WOW! When I think about my life 32 years ago and what has happened since its mind boggling! 32 years ago there were no mobile phones or Microsoft windows. Power dressing and perms were in and I was working in an entirely different field.

There have been so many opportunities and adventures and with my Limitless mindset I would like to think there are many more to come too!

The Second Age

There is a phrase commonly used nowadays, the third age. It tends to refer to the time after a person has retired but before they hit the final age of needing help and support as an elderly person. So that means I am still in my second age, but I think that age is divided into a number of eras.

The Intro – when you start out in the working world. Its exciting, you make mistakes and bounce back easily. There are so many opportunities out there and no pressure to stay on a single path

The Middle – this is the point when we start establishing patterns and relationships in our life. However beware, there can be an assumption that we have found our path by then but if you ask me that’s not always the case.

The Outro – This is the time in our lives when we take a breath, consolidate, appreciate and identify the path and skills required for the next part of the journey. It is the point as humans we tend to be more purpose lead, and for those like myself who are going through this era at the time of the pandemic it has been particularly poignant. The impact of the pandemic has made people take stock perhaps more than normal, focussing on the next part of their lives with a real determination to make it the best it can be.

Why Confidence is Key

So I am thinking about the next 32 years and how much can I do, how much can I achieve? On the one had the opportunities are limitless. However there is a flip side to this. If you believe the studies, confidence begins to wane in our late 50s. Could it be too late for me? Perhaps its not my world anymore and I don’t have a valuable role to play in its future?


That kind of thinking isn’t going to help me live another amazing third of my life!

4 Steps to a Limitless Future

So its time to take control, to create a mindset that equips me to be my best self!

Speak Out – my opinions are valuable, my voice will be heard

Step Up – things happen because of me not to me

Embrace Change – I can learn new things and step out of my comfort zone

Value Myself  – I am better than I was yesterday but not as good as I will be tomorrow

After all I am Limitless ………. For Life!

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