Alison Burgess

Life Coach

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My Story

I am Limitless

And so are you!

My First Role Model

My first role model for life was my Grandfather. He believed in me and told me on a regular basis, that I was amazing! He was the first person to tell me that the world was my oyster and my options Limitless. Every time we were together he built my confidence and from my earliest memories I remember being so proud of myself when I was with him.

We all struggle...


Yet even with that strong foundation of confidence in my life though I have struggled at times. From the teenager that worried about fitting in, exam pressure and boys, to an independent business woman looking to find her place in what often felt like a man’s world, my confidence would ebb and flow. 

And life doesn’t get any less complicated as I get older. I have struggled with weight and body confidence and having cancer twice has required me to discover a positivity and resilience I didn’t know possible. I had some great help and support along the way, with one particular teacher in my life giving me the mantra I live by today, that I am better than I was yesterday but not as good as I will be tomorrow. 

So what keeps me going? My passion for life long learning and development. I am grateful for where I am and what I have in my life and also love stretching and challenging myself to explore new things. As my Grandfather would say, I am Limitless and every day I take steps to be a better version of myself and to help others do the same.

My Experience


I am a knowledgeable and engaging L&D professional who has worked as a manager, trainer and external consultant in the UK and Europe. I have over two decades of experience working for companies in the Financial, Technology, FMCG, Professional Services and Charity sectors. I am an NLP master practitioner, and have additional qualifications in the areas of coaching, facilitation and clinical hypnotherapy.

Limitless for Life was established in 2016 to help individuals build a foundation of confidence which enables them to realise their dreams. I am also a co-owner of I Have Got This. We help individuals and teams build resilient mindsets for work and life, through bootcamp style development programmes.

Alongside my work as a trainer and a coach, I have been involved with the Cancer Support Centre Sutton Coldfield as a trustee and volunteer for over a decade. As someone whose life has been directly affected by cancer I know how important self belief and confidence can be at what, to many, is the most challenging time in their lives.  I am involved in developing and delivering workshops that focus on confidence building and resilience, supporting our clients no matter what life brings.

My Qualifications