Learning Something New Everday

A VIP in my life gets her 'A' level results this week. She has spent years learning something new every day and has astounded me at how hard she has worked in recent months to reach her goal of studying Economics at university. When she goes there she will start...

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Can you be too Assertive?

Hands up who thinks you can be too assertive? If I asked this in one of my communications skills workshops I can be sure at least half of the group will agree. So what does too assertive look and sound like? Muffled responses, murmurs about shouting and pointing,...

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Confidence and Age – Are they linked?

People will often ask me about confidence and age. Does confidence develop with time, is there a point that our confidence starts to decline? Confidence may vary with age but growth certainly isn’t a straight line. There are some well publicised and quite worrying...

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Building Confidence- Everyone has a role to play

Watching the new last night I was shocked that in the space of 5 minutes, two separate news stories highlighted to me how important it is to value others, building confidence in those around us. In a story about mistakes being made in breast screening, a woman in her...

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The Confidence to Say “I Like Myself”

Do you like yourself? A strange question for some people I have no doubt, but an important one! Why .... because I don't know that many people who would answer "Yes of course!". From the beautiful teenager who simply cant see how amazing she is to the retired friends...

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Laugh your way to greater confidence

Do you laugh enough? As I am doing a comedy course at the moment, I laugh a lot. At myself, with the other people in the group and at the many comedians that I am watching and admiring on youtube and live locally. Laughter therapy is just that - it makes you feel...

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