Let me introduce you to …. you. How well do you know yourself, do you appreciate what an amazing individual you are? Developing self awareness and understanding is an important aspect of being resilient. So do you know who you are and what you are capable of.

The Johari window is a great personal development tool that promotes the importance of personal reflection and feedback for developing self awareness. I talked about feedback in a previous blog (click here). So take a moment to reflect about yourself too.

Getting to Know Yourself Better


What 3 words describe you best?


What is the thing you are most proud of in your life?


What is the most recent skill you have developed?


What is the most powerful lesson you have learned?


What do you hope for?


Developing self awareness and understanding is an important personal development tool. I hop it has been good getting to know yourself better.

Power Up

Limitless for Life uses the Power Up model for building your resilience. We give you the tools and tricks to successfully focus on the 7 key elements of resilience building :


For more information about building resilience go to the Limitless for Life website, contact Alison Burgess on 07931 556 167 or click here to follow on twitter.

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