Someone once gave me a mirror which said – who are you going to be today? I loved it because of who gave it to me, but at the same time I was confused. I am Alison surely? What does this mean??

On reflection (no pun intended!) I realized even that wasn’t true. I was Alison, Al, Ali, Aunty Ali and that was just the play on my names, never mind the roles I played in my life. Did that mean I was a bit flakey, or that I am not a genuine person?

Thinking about Authenticity it could be argued that we need to be a singular and complete person. But there will always be different facets to who we are and the roles we play in life. I am a daughter, an Aunty, a trainer, a colleague, a boss just to name the first 5 roles that spring to mind. Each of these different roles though are underpinned with my Authentic self. That authenticity comes from the values and beliefs that influence everything I do, shaping my actions, decisions and successes.

How do I know that? Firstly my gut tells me. Yes I really do mean this, being Authentic “feels” right. Secondly, when I get feedback from others in the roles I play (formally or informally) the same words come up time and again. These words reflect me, my values, and my authentic self, no matter what role I play.

So here is something to reflect on today.

? Who are you, what roles do you play in your life

? What underpins each of those roles. What do each of these roles have in common in terms of your values and your authentic self?

Ask others too, when you reflect you only see part of who your are. When you get feedback from others too it helps to complete the picture.

So make time to find your authentic self. It is a great thing to do. It builds self esteem and belief, helping you to feel confident that you are the same wonderful person no matter what you do.

Alison Burgess is a Resilience Expert and Confidence Coach. For more information about Alison, or her company Limitless for Life click here, follow on twitter or call 0121 369 1964.




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