I have run Time Management and Personal Effectiveness training for more than 15 years and a key element of this is nothing to do with Time at all, its about knowing the value of your role.

I often come across are self confessed “people pleasers”, they like to say yes to everything and find it very difficult and sometimes stressful not being able to finish their work by the end of the day.

In the training I deliver we look at the purpose of the role, removing the subjectivity of the individual who currently undertakes it or who they work for and we analyse what is the real value of this position. As a trainer you may think that the purpose of my job is to train, but actually its to facilitate learning and change in the people I work with.

The light bulb moments this refocus creates are phenomenal, helping individuals to see not only the difference they make to an organisation, but also enabling them to decide what and where to focus during busy days.

Taking the time to stop and evaluate builds Confidence in terms of contribution and aids proactive and effective decision making. So ask yourself today, why I am really here, what is the purpose of my role – you might surprise yourself!

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