Today I am going to put myself first! The moment I say that it sounds selfish in my head. What about everyone else who “needs” me, how can I ignore them? What normally happens is that whilst I may start my day with the intention of doing what matters to me, but within a couple of hours I am my usual “torn” self trying to be the best colleague, trainer, daughter etc that I can be. I lose a bit of what matters to me with every new request. I am not a saint, or a martyr, I just find it easier to fight for others sometimes than I do for myself.

So what? If I help others every day surely that’s enough, that’s a life worth living? Perhaps not.

Life is a gift.

If I didn’t know this when I was young, I certainly do now having lost someone dear to me way to soon. We are all unique beings with the potential to be amazing. When we ignore our passions and interests, when we “settle” rather than exploring the opportunities the world has to offer, then we don’t do ourselves justice. Helping others may be giving back to society, but just think would you could bring to the world if you let yourself come first for once.

So have the confidence to be the number 1 person in your life. Say to yourself, “Today I am going to put myself first”. Let the world see just how amazing you are.

Alison Burgess is a Resilience Expert and Confidence Coach. For more information about Alison, or her company Limitless for Life click here, follow on twitter or call 0121 369 1964.

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